Gusto Workshops

Gusto Workshops

Registration Fee: $60
Workshop Cost:

The Gusto Workshop includes 14 hours of group classes (cooking and wine) plus 10 hours of private, individual tutoring for one of the selected themes below. The program is offered English and the group course offerings are:

  • Italian Regional  Cuisine - Mondays 3.00pm - 5.30pm
  • Tuscan Cuisine - Tuesdays 3.00pm - 5.30pm
  • Italian Wine Culture & Wine Pairing - Wednesdays 3.00pm - 5.30pm
  • Italian Baking & Pastry - Thursdays 3.00pm - 5.30pm
  • Food and Wine tours/visits in Florence - Fridays  3.00pm - 5.30pm

The length of the Gusto Workshop program is two weeks. Students may start any week (see weekly calendar). Programs can be repeated, adding additional weeks to your workshop. 

The program includes:

•  Grocery shopping education: fresh food market and supermarket; organic and industrially produced foods; fresh and preserved foods.
•  Cuisine as a cultural landmark: seasonality & DOP/IGP (quality control mark) 
•  Pizza and bread in the Italian Tradition 
•  Fresh pasta workshop 
•  Traditional sweets of Italian holidays 
•  The Mediterranean diet 
•  Traditional product preserves and fresh herbs 
•  Pairing food & wine*
•  Olive oil 
•  Cold cuts and cheese in the Tuscan tradition
•  The art of setting and decorating the table 
•  Food styling and photography* 
•  Flower composition and arrangement* 
•  Italian ice, gelato and sorbets*

- 1 hour a day of private Italian langauge (Total 5 hours )    Cost: $232
- 2 weeks of  group Italian language in the LA VITA E’ BELLA program Cost: $371
(please check the weekly calender for Italian language starting dates)

* Course Lab Fee: €100 (Euro, paid in Florence)